Image of a female construction worker.

How to Deal with Common Road Hazards

During August, the roads around the greater Libertyville, IL area are jam-packed with commuters, from families who are headed back to school to road trippers who are still enjoying the summer break. Because of this, we at Libertyville Kia feel that it’s the best time to roll out our tips and tricks to deal with common road hazards so you can stay prepared and safe.


To ensure that you stay protected while in traffic, keep a healthy distance away from the car in front of you just in case that person decides to stop immediately or another person decides to cut you off unexpectedly. Two to three car lengths of space should be enough to give you ample time to stop.

Road Construction

Cities often pick the summer months to start many road-improvement projects, which unfortunately slows down commutes, at times bottlenecking traffic into one lane. If you encounter road construction during your commute, make sure to slow down so you can avoid sudden stops from other drivers, and more importantly, construction workers who putting their own safety on the line to help fix the roads.

Driver Distraction

There are many distractions affecting the driver, including the constant check of a smartphone. You can tell which drivers are distracted by the way they veer off their lanes or their erratic stopping and going. If you see one, stay away by letting them pass or moving into the furthest lane. You don’t want to be a victim of their neglect.

These are just a few tips and tricks. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to contact your nearby Kia dealership, where we employ well-informed salespeople who are not only experts on all new cars in Libertyville but also in keeping customer safe and satisfied.