Image of a flat tire on a blue car.

Learn How to Change a Tire

The dreaded flat tire can happen to anyone, whether you’re a new driver or a seasoned one, or whether you drive a new vehicle or older vehicle. It’s a problem that doesn’t discriminate. So what should you do to prepare for it? At Libertyville Kia, we highly recommend that you learn how to change a tire so you’ll be able to fix it without having to wait for roadside assistance or a loved one to come over to help you. Here are three steps to follow:

 Locate a Safe Spot

A safe spot is a place where you can park your car without being exposed to danger like fast moving traffic. Most safe spots on highways can be found on the shoulders, but if you can pull off to a quieter side street, that’s even better. Whatever you choose, just make sure you and your vehicle is out of harm’s way.

 Find the Spare Tire

The spare tire is a smaller version of your regular tire and can be used to temporarily replace a flat tire. The spare tire can be found in the trunk underneath the floor mat or under the vehicle, depending on the model, and while you’re there, find the jack and tire iron so you can easily take off the flat tire. Consult your owner’s manual to find the proper place for the jack, raise the vehicle so that the tire is about six inches off the ground. Then, remove the lug nuts with the tire iron and replace the tire with the spare. Put the lug nuts back on (but not all the way tightened), and then lower your vehicle back down before giving them a final tightening with the tire iron.

 Go to Our Service Center

Once you’ve safely replaced your flat tire, head to our Kia Service Center, where our trained technicians will inspect your vehicle to ensure there is no further damage, repair your flat tire, or replace it, depending on the severity of the damage.

Our dealership is located at 921 S. Milwaukee Ave. in Libertyville, IL, and our service center can be contacted by calling them directly at (888) 722-0884. We wish you good luck and safety on the roads!