Image of a couple talking to a car salesman.

What Can You Afford With Your Budget?

We want to help you get into the car of your dreams at Libertyville Kia. That includes thinking about money, though, and more specifically what kind of car fits with your budget. There are a lot of factors that determine how much you can spend on a car, including cash flow, monthly payments, and insurance. The experts at our finance department can help you organize your budget and understand all of the monetary factors associated with buying a vehicle so you can make an informed decision at our dealership.

Calculate the Total Price

The sticker price that you see on the vehicle itself is just the starting number. It doesn’t include fees like license and registration, sales tax, and extended warranties. So factor those numbers into the sticker price and you should come up with the total price of your vehicle, which will allow you to see if you can afford it.

Monthly Payments

Most new car shoppers who look for the latest Kia models on our lot often finance their vehicles, which can make buying a car much more affordable, but also throws in factors like monthly payments, APR financing, and loan term. It’s a good idea to keep up to date with financing terms before you start the car-buying process so that you’ll know exactly what to look for and the type of payment plan you’ll be able to afford.


Trading in is a great way to get rid of an old vehicle while knocking down the price of your new car. In order to figure out how much your trade-in will affect your new vehicle’s price, you can get a fast appraisal on your trade-in on our website or when you visit our Kia dealership near Gurnee, IL.

Our friendly sales staff and finance experts are here to help you lay out your new car budget, help you secure a loan, or any other step in the buying process. We look forward to seeing you at our dealership!