Kia Brand to Release New Electric SUV

The Kia brand is always one step ahead of the market when it comes to vehicles that are convenient for the community and safe for the environment. At Liberty Kia, you will find that our inventory of new Kia cars reflects this notion of the Kia brand by offering our drivers in Libertyville, Gurnee, Waukegan, and beyond a slew of vehicles that represent a green lifestyle.

According to recent news, it looks like the Kia lineup will get greener in 2018 with the addition of an all-electric SUV.

Sport utility vehicles, or SUVs, are continuously growing in popularity. However, people who want to eliminate the need for fuel for a greener option usually stray away from SUVs because they tend to be less environmentally friendly than smaller body styles. The Kia brand is going to fix this problem by offering an EV version of the Kia Niro. This EV Kia Niro will be outfitted with a 50 kwH battery, which will have the ability to run up to 200 miles when charged fully.

The growing popularity of EVs has encouraged the Kia brand to plan for an increased production of the electric Kia Niro, which will allow more people to be able to get their hands on it.

As we wait to hear more about this exciting addition to the Kia brand, we encourage drivers in Libertyville and the neighboring areas to come to Liberty Kia and take a look at our inventory of environmentally friendly vehicles, such as the new 2018 Kia Soul. Stop by 921 S. Milwaukee Ave. in Libertyville where our Kia dealers work to get you exceptional deals on our high-quality arsenal of Kia vehicles.